52. Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen F3A 2018

This years competition was once again won by Stefan KAISER. Followed by rank 2 Lassi NURILA (FIN) and Robin TRUMPP (GER). Congratulation to all of you. Before the pilots were given their award, the judges and jury member were honored. The ranking list can be found below.

In total 52 pilots from 18 different nations competed in this competition. Please find below some information about the competition.

Ranking ceremony

After a great competition we proceeded to the ranking ceremony. Every judge, jury member, pilot and the contest director are handed over a certificate and afterwards the ranking was presented.

The competition was won by our pilot Stefan KAISER (LIE) in front of Lassi NURILA (FIN) and Robin TRUMPP (GER).

The detailed ranking list can be found above.

But there was even an additional highlight. As every year the MFGL prepared an extraordinary table of presents. Every pilot was allowed to choose his prize from this table and we hope that everyone found something for his taste. We want to say thank you to all pilots, helpers, judges, jury members and other people who helped to make our competition such a great success. We wish you all a good way back home and hope to see you all again next year for the 53rd international competition here in Liechtenstein.

01.07.2018 16:00
Draw of the starting order and start of round 3

The first two rounds could be finished on time. Therefore we decided to give 20 pilots the opportunity to compete in the third round. In this round the much more challenging schedule F-19 will be flown. This is the same program which is flown in the finals of European and World Championships. For the starting order the pilots had to draw their starting position and afterwards the round was started on time.

01.07.2018 12:00
Early Birds

Another day for a great competition. We are ready to finish both rounds in the morning. So far, the new scoring system has prooved to be very reliable and easy to use.

01.07.2018 08:00
Gala Diner

The gala diner was enjoyed by everyone. Manfred and his crew managed to serve an outstanding diner on our airfield. Not to forget the dessert buffet in the end which was mostly made by the wifes of our club members.

Some pilots enjoyed the quiet air and flew their slowflyers and drones.

We hope there was something for everyone to enjoy and wish you all good luck for the flights on Sunday.

30.06.2018 23:50
Aerial pictures

In the afternoon, we used the time between the change of the judges panel to take some aerial pictures of all attending pilots and our airfield.

We expect to finish the competion at around 19:30. Afterwards the long awaited gala dinner will be served on our airfield.

Luckily for the now flying pilots the wind is almost gone and the flying conditions have significantly improved.

30.06.2018 19:00
Competition going smoothly

We already had two swaps of the judges panel and everything is going according to plan, except a little delay of about 45min. But due to just 50 pilots we expect to finish on time this evening.

Our kitchen crew has started to work overtime. As every year we offer a few delicious meals for the people who spend some time on the airfield.

The wind has picked up a bit which makes the conditions a bit harder for the pilots. But the weather is beautifully warm.

30.06.2018 13:00
Begin of the competition

With a short delay of about 20 minutes we started our competition. At the moment everthing seems to run smoothly and pilots who have to fly later are arriving on the airfield.

30.06.2017 09:00
Registration is finished

Almost all pilots have now arrived on the airfield and registered for the competition. Therefore the starting list was finished and can now be found above. At 6pm we started to offer sausages and steaks for self barbecueing. The people seem to enjoy their time with us. Hopefully all of them will be ready for the competition tomorrow. Tomorrow the day for our visitors will start with the introduction of the eScribe scoring system for the judges at 7:30. Afterwards there will be the pilots briefing at 7:45 and finally the calibration flight at 8.

29.06.2018 19:00
The pilots are practising and the registration is open

At 2pm the registration window opened. As last year, every pilot is drawing his starting number by himself. All day, pilots were practising their flights on the competition airfield here in Bendern, Liechtenstein, while the crew is preparing the final elements for a, hopefully, successful competition.

The first time this year we are going to use a new scoring system. It will be the Swiss scoring system eScribe from the SMV (Swiss Modell Flying Association) which has prooved its reliability and its strenghts in many competions, also others than F3A, in Switzerland.
As already done the last three years, the scores of each pilot will be displayed on the homepage of the SMV shortly after every flight. On that homepage also other documents like competitor lists, starting lists and, in the end, the ranking list can be found. The link will be displayed above.

Today the weather is warm and comfortable but a bit windy and we expect temperatures above 25°C for tomorrow and on Sunday.

29.06.2018 14:10