The club exists since 1961. Started from zero, the members of the MFGL had a long way to reach the comfortable situation of today. Please join us to view the history of our club:


Our activities never stop, even during the winter

We meet regularly every month, from April to October, in our club home to handle the daily business. The meetings are often enriched by slide shows, discussions about technical details or other interesting things.

The traditional new year's flying event

But also in the cold month, the members meet every month in our favourite haunt just to be together. The club is also organising some events like lottery event, sledge party, skittles evening, new year fly in, Skiing day and not to forget the Santa Clause evening. All this events are not only reserved for the pilots, but also their families are always invited, especially the members' women as without their important help, big events like the airshow or the IFF are not possible to be held in such a high quality standard.

It's not snowing, so let's fly....

As an equivalent of the yearly midsummer night party, in December Santa Clause is visiting the members and knows always funny anecdotes. He knows what the members have done during the year and often we have to listen what Santa Clause tells us with one crying and one laughing eye.

Santa Clause reads the book, Hansruedi must listen and Ionia helps him morally

The official end of the MFGL year, according to the clubs statute, is the annually full assembly. After the election of the managing committee, all present members are invited for lunch and informal being together.

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