The club exists since 1961. Started from zero, the members of the MFGL had a long way to reach the comfortable situation of today. Please join us to view the history of our club:


First results in international contests

Six years after the MFGL was set up, Wolfgang Matt could achieve the excellent 6th place at his first participation in a World Championships in Corsica, France.

In the year 1971 the princess of Liechtenstein took for the first time the sponsorship of the IFF (Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen) and sponsored a challenge cup. This tradition is continued today by the actual princess her highness Marie von Liechtenstein.

WC Team 1971
f.l.t.r. Günther Matt, Arthur Büchel, Wolfgang Matt

Thanks to regular participation at international contests, our pilots could establish themselves within the best pilots of the world. At the World Championships in Bern (Switzerland) in the year 1975, Wolfgang became first time world champion and the national team, i.e. Norbert Matt, Wieland Meier and Wolfgang Matt, won the 2nd place as a team. But not only in the category F3A our pilots represented successfully the colours of Liechtenstein. Also in the category gliders F3B or helicopters our pilots participated at many contests and counted always as favourites.

The MFGL was not only successful due to our great pilots, but also many judges came out of our ranks. The MFGL had with Egon Gstöhl, Max Eichmann, Adolf Keutschegger, Toni Böller and Sigi Beck judges at World and European Championships as well as at many international competitions.

In all this years of hard and professional work, the MFGL could set up an airfield with an exemplary infrastructure. Our children's playground with barbeque is not used only by our members, but also by their families, friends and children. The financing of the maintenance is secured by meetings, expositions and events like our airshow.

1985 - Her Highnes Pricess Gina von und zu Liechtenstein during the competition
Her highness princess Gina of Liechtenstein follows
with great interest the performance of the pilots (1985)

After we renovated for the first time the runway and our club home in the years 1981/1982, the facilities of our airfield were enlarged considerably in the years 1993/1994. We added water, electricity, telephone and gas connections as well as a powerful kitchen. No need to say, that the members are very proud about this excellent work. 

The MFGL lived painful moments in the year 1987 as our honoured member and founder Ludwig Matt past away. We are sure that his ideas and concepts will be followed also in the coming years.